Expo 2020 Dubai Opening Ceremony

Greetings from Dubai where the world has come to reconnect.  By now you would have seen the spectacular opening ceremony showcasing amazing technology and our posts on Facebook and local TV stations this week. 

Like the Olympics, World’s Fairs take place every four years, 2024 is already slated for Japan.  It is where great innovations and inventions that impact the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide, have been unveiled.  CNN LIVE ran a clip the other night that Edison’s light bulb, the zipper, the x-ray machine and cellphone inventions to name a few, are all products introduced in this creative forum.  Significantly, some of the world’s enduring landmarks were constructed for a World’s Fair – London’s Crystal Palace where it all began during Queen Victoria’s Golden Age in the 1850s; Paris’ Eiffel Tower in 1889; Seattle’s Space Needle in 1962; San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in 1939; and in 1964 New York’s Unisphere (stainless steel model of the planet), situated near La Guardia Airport in Flushing Meadow, to name a few, are all vestiges of past World’s Fairs that have resonated in our collective consciousness through the generations and those to come.

Here in Dubai, the Al Wasl Plaza gathering place in EXPO City is such an iconic structure aptly exemplifying EXPO’s theme is Connecting Minds Creating the Future.  This was the venue where the grand opening was staged.  It is the place where major concerts will be held during EXPO and it will be the meeting spot where friends will gather and send selfies to their followings.  This massive shady dome, the manifestation of the mirage in the desert, is the place to be.

The story is that the Crown Prince was flying low over the desert and as chance would have it, the billowing sand caused by the helicopter’s powerful rotor blades revealed an ancient artifact in the sand. The formation came to proclaim the fact that Dubai was an ancient city and the artifact’s cluster of inter-connecting circles and shapes, that later became the EXPO2020 brand identity, was viewed as a sign that this sacred place in the desert, located equi-distance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, ought to be the designated spot for the World’s Fair in 2020. 

And so the Bahamas Pavillion throws wide its doors to share its story.  A story inspired by the strength and resilience of the Bahamian people, who have faced terror and devastation on the frontline from the sheer ferocity of Hurricane Dorian, the most powerful category 5 storm ever, occasioned by climate change; and now the effects of the raging world wide pandemic.  The narrative is compelling as the exhibits take the visitor through our journey and the lessons learned to emerge #BahamasStrong

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