Sustainable Tourism Seal



The tourism certification and seal of approval was formed as a result of an examination of the industry’s standards which seemed to be inadequate in many ways. There were several fatal accidents involving Bahamian entrepreneurs where there was no liability insurance.  There were incidents of poor conflict resolution where customers were being denied refunds for offences.  There were no penalties for bad behaviour, rogue businesses were allowed to get away with whatever they determined the rules were going to be and the customer was not treated as king!   The attitude was it did not matter, they would never see them again anyway.


The discerning traveler wished to visit destinations that upheld quality assurance and those that stood by their product offerings and indicated that they were quality products and the customer ought to have every confidence in making the purchase.  This required interaction with businesses, it meant inspections, training in best practices and international standards and ongoing monitoring.


TDC partnered with IDB, a respected international body with the worldwide resources that would bring a global perspective to the way we do business, to form an organization that would provide oversight and enforcement.

The World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travels Stamp is a forerunner to the Sustainable Tourism Certification and Seal of Approval programme.   Both programmes are global in scope and will enable the TDC to bring global standard conformity and quality to The Bahamas.