The Bahamas’ designation as a Safe Travels Stamp destination by the WTTC recognized the steps taken to control the spread of the virus and keep residents and visitors safe by the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation (MOTA) and the Ministry of Health (MOH). These agencies offered Compliance Training sessions for the work force as well as the implementation of the Clean & Pristine programme for the hospitality industry. Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for visitors and residents alike continues to be of paramount importance as well as engendering a level of comfort for those wishing to travel to The Bahamas   As Ambassadors for the Safe Travels Stamp programme, TDC continues to be vigilant in ensuring that Bahamian entrepreneurs are encouraged to comply with the protocols. Our work involves educating businesses on the merits of maintaining a safe and healthy environment and providing the necessary monitoring to maintain the integrity of our status.   The Safe Travels Stamp Accreditation List comprising all businesses that qualify for the Stamp are listed here; where a business relaxes its protocols to the extent that it is no longer in full compliance and may unwittingly become a danger to their employees and customers, they will be given a warning and should the situation remain unchanged, the business will be removed from the list.   Safe Travelers thinking about taking a tour or going to a restaurant or staying in a small property will be directed to this link. The List exemplifies compliance with safety regulations that will imbue visitors with confidence to make a purchase and do business with the accredited entity as well as being assured of having met the global standards of WTTC