Nassau August 2020: COVID-19 TRAINING GUIDE

The world has changed and is changing daily, right before our eyes.

Successful hospitality service providers will need to be flexible and adapt to the evolving new norm. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation is looking at different initiatives to revive the sector and put our people back to work.

There will inevitably be adjustments that each business must make as they see how best they can create a more touch-less operation, while maintaining the quality service that guests are accustomed to and protecting the health and safety of both guest and service provider.

This training guide is based on current information on COVID-19, as of August 2020. It references America’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO). It is comprehensive and meets the minimum expectations until new guidelines are issued and/or a vaccine is readily available.

We have catalogued in chronological order the Administrative Controls on pgs. 8/9 of the document, the many policies and procedures implemented by the Government and our strategic partners to facilitate The Bahamas’ readiness and recovery for reopening the Tourism industry in the last 7 months.

Businesses are encouraged to compliment and customize the training as necessary. In areas where a corporate franchise or the Ministry of Health or the Department of Environmental Health Services (DEHS) protocols are more stringent, we encourage all tourism-related enterprises to adopt those protocols.

The Bahamas’ economic health and public safety will depend on our ability to manage, mitigate and/or eventually eliminate COVID-19, especially in the hospitality industry which is the economic driver that fuels the Bahamian economy.

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