Dubai Airport

I was sitting in the lobby when a metallic sky blue convertible Rolls Royce pulled up at the door of the Ritz and the valet opened the door from the opposite direction than one would expect and a young Arab couple, their nanny and two small children disembarked. Such is the opulent lifestyle in Dubai.

Notwithstanding EXPO 2020, Dubai is a world of wonder.  Everything is bigger, better, taller, faster and more abundant, indeed they boast the tallest building in the world. From the point of arrival, their duty free offering at Dubai International Airport is unique, the shopping is so good and the top-named fashion brands so plentiful, it’s been likened to a mall that planes pull up to. 

Attractions abound, the Dubai Mall features the largest indoor aquarium in the world and Ski Dubai  (yes they have a ski slope in the desert) is located in Mall of the Emirates.  The aerial snapshots of the Palm Islands when they were unveiled to the world were spectacular in their vision of creating a realty boom opportunity that set them apart from the rest and they continue to impress.

In the relatively cooler months of October – April, Dubai annually hosts Dubai Global Village which is Disney’s Epcot on steroids.  This model, which they erect and dismantle every year, was the inspiration for the EXPO City showcasing country pavillions large and small.  It has also become an inspiration for the organizers of Nassau’s International Culture Wine & Food Festival (ICWFF), as we seek to grow and expand this highly popular attraction as a commercial venture, on Nassau’s calendar of events.

Further, a trip to Dubai is not complete without a tour of the famous 7 Star Hotel, Burj Khalifa.  The Burj Khalifa’s helipad, is indeed a marvel to behold.  Suspended 689’ in the air, it has been used for tennis and golf exhibition matches where A-lister’s, the likes of Roger Federer, Andre Agassi and Tiger Woods have come to play.

In the Middle East, things may seem a bit topsy-turvy if you are not familiar.  The fun begins on Thursday night and so Friday and Saturday are the weekend.  Trendy establishments all over Dubai promote spectacular brunches from 1pm-4pm at hotels and restaurants all over the city with live entertainment.  Hence, Sunday is Monday and the start of the week.

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