Bahamas Association of Shore Experiences


The late Norman Solomon created BASE in the early 1970s as a means of bringing shore excursion businesses together in an organized fashion, to serve the burgeoning tourism trade. In 2017, BASE was envisioned as an integral part of TDC’s strategic plan because the vast number of tourism SMEs were not organized and had sporadic representation and therefore no voice. This was amplified in the 2020 pandemic as new and emerging businesses such as bridal consultants and charter operators were not recognized as being tourism enterprises and thus, not provided for to receive Government assistance.

BASE is facilitated by TDC and brings together all the tourism associations, including Bahamas Dive Association, Bahamas Association of Marinas, Bahamas Charter Association, Bahamas Bridal Association, Straw Market Authority, Jetski Operators, the Artisans etc.

BASE will work on behalf of tourism entrepreneurs to provide members with benefits sourced on behalf of the many and because of the organization’s intended size, it will afford them a larger share of voice when negotiating with Government. It is hoped that BASE will become such a serious and strong lobby that they will be invited to the table to speak for their members alongside legacy organizations like the BHTA.


General membership shall be open to all entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. A General Member shall pay an initial two-hundred-dollars ($200) fee and annual dues of one hundred dollars ($100) thereafter. Dues for the first fiscal year must accompany the application.

I hereby apply for General Membership in the Bahamas Association of Shore Experiences (BASE) and submit hereto relevant information needed for the approval and processing of my application.