About Us

Welcome to our TDC community of Bahamian tourism entrepreneurs who are innovative, creative and work diligently to strengthen the linkages that uphold this robust tourism sector in The Islands Of The Bahamas.


TDC is charged with the growth of tourism and related businesses throughout the archipelago and to improve the development and overall quality of living in the local communities.  It supports and enhances the development of community-based tourism related projects through its entrepreneurship programmes, creating a linkage that will ensure that some of the revenue generated from Tourism stays in The Bahamas.

The ultimate aim is to improve competitiveness and amplify the uniqueness of the destination, to substantially increase customer interest, stopover numbers, and visitor spend and thereby maximize the returns from the tourism industry and increase its benefit to Bahamians.

TDC has secured its place in this eco-system as Micro, Small & Medium Size Enterprises (MSME) and boutique hotels, agro-tourism practioners, tour operators, artisans and others look to them for advice and assistance with navigating the system to ensure their awareness and implementation of the Ministry of Finance’s Ease of Doing Business procedures.  It is such a time as this that, as we seek to rebuild the gains lost, that we need the presence of a statutory body such as TDC  with the appropriate authority to continue to encourage and strengthen the linkages that support the tourism industry, in order to attain global competitiveness.


Building domestic capacity through business support or joint ventures with local entrepreneurs and linkages and enhancing the visitor experience while increasing tourist spend and hence improving the distribution of wealth and the livelihoods of all Bahamians.


Leading sustainable development and revitalizing the tourism product for visitors to enjoy and for economic benefits to accrue to the livelihoods of all Bahamians.