The Cruise Committee was formed to enhance the visitor experience and increase tourism spend while also ensuring oversight of the concessions reserved for Bahamians – watersports, tours and entertainment, on the private islands. Committee members are drawn from a variety of Government agencies and the private sector. Stakeholders are enlightened about what other destinations are offering and so the types of experiences visitors are expecting in The Bahamas. The TDC Tours Manager will work very closely with the Cruise Committee.


In December 2020 the Ministries of Tourism & Agriculture signed a Memorandum of Understanding to forge the linkages and strengthen the sectors.  The Minister of Agriculture & Marine Resources encouraged the  industry to change the ratio of purchases of local produce to at least 40%.  He bolstered the initiative with a cadre of extension officers to facilitate the production of 70 crops demanded by the industry and community.


From a tourism perspective authentic farm tours and experiential culinary experiences would reflect current trends and consumer demand.  The new farming techniques such as aquaponics, hydroponics and vertical farming would be showcased.   Consumer  demand made by visitors to have their meals created with fresh produce, grown locally ought to be met.  By granting access to a piece of the tourism pie we hope to enhance the quality of the livelihoods of fellow


A local advisory committee on each island is integral to the success of the work of the TDC. Having the benefit of local insight is critical to gaining traction on initiatives that would be advantageous to the community. Times have changed and the world is going back to basics. The emerging trend in rural settings is community-based tourism which seems well suited to sharing the richness of our heritage villages and island communities.